Compare Sewing Machines Table Directions 3

Janome Jem Gold 660$100-200135.0Yes4-step123No
Janome 15822 Hello Kitty$100-200255.0Yes1-step144No
Janome DC5100$500-6001675.0Yes1-step18.711Yes
Juki HZL 35Z$200-300274.8Yes1-step164No
Brother PQ1500S Quilting$500-60014.8YesN/A24.28No
Singer 9960 Quantum Stylist$300-4006004.8Yes1-step25.818Yes
Janome DC3050$400-500504.8Yes1-step18.24Yes
Brother PC420 PRW$400-5002944.8Yes1-step1713Yes
Janome Magnolia 7330$300-400304.8Yes1-step184Yes
Brother CP6500$100-200604.7Yes1-step137Yes
Janome ThreadBanger TB30$500-600304.7Yes1-step18.26Yes
Janome ThreadBanger TB12$200-300124.7No4-step16.84No
Janome Decor DC2012$400-500504.7Yes1-step18.26Yes
Brother CP-7500$100-200704.7Yes1-step149Yes
Brother CE 5500PRW$100-200504.6 *Yes1-step10.67Yes
Janome DC1050$200-300504.6Yes1-step124Yes
Janome 8077$200-300304.6Yes1-step18.24Yes
Singer 7256$100-200704.5Yes1-step14.64Yes
Brother SQ9000$100-200804.5Yes1-step9.910Yes
Brother LB6800PRW$300-400674.4Yes1-step208Yes
Brother XL2600i$100 & Under254.4Yes1-step114No
Brother XL2610$100-200254.4Yes4-step114No
Brother CS6000i$100-200604.4Yes1-step139Yes
Brother SE400 Embroidery$300-400674.4Yes1-step208Yes
Singer 7258$100-2001004.3Yes1-step14.88Yes
Brother PC 210 PRW$300-400504.3Yes1-step177Yes
Singer Confidence 7469Q$200-3001004.2Yes1-step168No
Singer 2259$100 & Under214.2No4-step164No
Singer Curvy 8763$100-200304.2Yes1-step16.85No
Singer Confidence 7467$200-300704.2Yes1-step165Yes
Brother LS2125i$100 & Under104.1No4-step154No
Brother LX3125$100 & Under144.1No4-step154No
Brother XL3750$100-200354.1Yes1-step128No
Brother ES2000$100-200404.0Yes1-step117Yes
Janome AQS 2009$200-300204.0Yes1-step123Yes
Brother XL3510$100-200354.0Yes4-step114No
Singer Confidence 7470$300-4001464.0Yes1-step16.55No
Janome Magnolia 7318$100-200214.0No4-step16.84No
Singer Curvy 8770$400-5002254.0Yes1-step16.75Yes
Singer 7442$100-200303.9Yes1-step165No
Singer 4411 HD$100-200113.9No4-step144No
Singer 2263$100 & Under233.8Yes4-step143No
Janome Sewist 500$200-300253.7Yes1-step165No
Brother XR9000$100-200803.7Yes1-step157Yes
Singer CE 150 Futura$400-500243.4Yes1-step227No
Michley LSS-505$100 and Under83.4NoN/A6.51No
Singer Esteem II 2273$100-200233.2Yes1-step144No
Singer 1748$100-200323.0Yes4-step17.24No
Singer Confidence 7463$100-200302.8Yes1-step165No
Singer Tradition 2250$100 & Under102.7No4-step164No
Brother CE4000$100-200400 N/AYes1-step117Yes
Singer 7468$300-4001000 N/AYes1-step16.55Yes
Sortable table of sewing machines for beginners to be used to compare high level features and accessories.

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