Good Better BestI thought it might be time to tackle an often asked question – is one brand of sewing machine better than another? The answer is yes…and no…but it’s the explanation as to why I give such a wishy washy answer that will help you decide which is is really best for you.

This topic is heavily debated amongst even the most experienced so for those just beginning to sew it’s almost a minefield of confusion. I hope things will seem a little clearer as you make your way through this post.
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No More Kenmore Sewing Machines

This is not really new news unless you haven’t heard it before but did you know Sears stopped selling Kenmore sewing machines? From what I can tell this happened as early as January of 2012 but I JUST came across that little tidbit while gearing up for more 2013 reviews to put on this site.

Not quite sure how to break this to my mother as she’s been using an old Kenmore for ages and periodically needs parts and replacement accessories. It does look like Sears is still selling some of the Kenmore accessories – just not the machines – but who knows how long that will continue.
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Singer 2259 Sewing Machine Review

Singer 2259 Sewing MachineMy Singer 2259 review had more to do with clarifying the sewing machine’s listed features and details than it did with anything else. There are a few descriptions online that might be misleading without a bit of explanation.

This model falls in Singer’s “Very Basic” category making it a popular option for those just beginning to sew. While it might be basic, it does have its strong points so shouldn’t be overlooked by Singer fans.

It’s got a nice, clean look and sleek design, a nice set of stitches and, by now, a track record of almost two years proven performance.
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You May Have Noticed a Few Changes you’re a repeat visitor you may have noticed this site has gone through some changes recently. I changed the site to a new address – something I’ve wanted to do for a long time now. The old address was cumbersome and rather blah. I wanted something that would be easier to remember. Hence the new name “Erin Says Sew”. (I thought it was kind of a fun play on words…)

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In my last post I talked about the creative ways people are repurposing other furniture to be used as a sewing cabinet or table. Lots of pieces that are designed for something else – like crafting, drafting or writing – can be used to meet your needs.

Think computer desks, folding tables, and cocktail tables.

There are also lots of second hand pieces, too – real cabinets as well as furniture that would do just as well (or better) – that can be had for a bargain price.

The less you want to spend, the harder you might have to look but in just a few short minutes online, I found two perfect options in my area. One was a wood table that looked to be in good shape with a single, padded chair for $75. The second was a FREE used desk as long as I picked it up. Admittedly, that freebie would need a coat of paint but we’re talking a free table. Get a bit crafty, fix something up and you could get years of use out of it.
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Arrow Sewing Cabinet Bertha Sewing Machine Airlift with Sewing Kit OrganizerI started out researching how you get a cabinet that perfectly fits your machine and pretty quickly realized there was so much to cover when it comes to creating your work space that one post wasn’t going to cut it. So, this is part 2 in a series around this topic.

My mom has a great craft room with a large work table that has tons of drawers, shelves for her books, and bins for fabric.
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Pink Sewing Machine and Table VectorYou’ve purchased your first machine and it is unboxed and sitting all shiny and new on your kitchen table. You’ve practiced threading it, loaded a bobbin, and you’ve ripped up an old shirt so you could play with the different stitches. You might even have created your first buttonhole.

Come dinner time, though, your spouse or partner starts eying the table and murmurs of a growling tummy are heard across the room. Family members are suspiciously eying your goods wondering if they’ve permanently taken over the space or if you’ll have it moved in time to make room for their next meal.
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Janome 15822 Sewing Machine Review

Janome 15822 Hello Kitty Sewing Machine

As soon as I saw the Janome 15822 Hello Kitty sewing machine, I wanted it. The fact that I’ve edged into my 40s didn’t stop me one bit. I try not to have a thing for “cute” but it can’t be helped. It’s in my blood.

Fortunately, my review shows this is also a real – as I can use it to do all kinds of things and it will hold up for ages – machine. You’ll be amazed at how much this little thing can do. It might look like a toy but don’t let that fool you.

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How to Test Drive a Machine Online

Sewing Machine DemoOne day, you’re sewing along just fine on the old hand me down machine you received years ago from a family member. Suddenly, in the middle of your project, the machine dies. Kaput. You sigh, maybe throw out a few choice words, and – after a bowl of caramel pecan ice cream (maybe that’s just me) – decide it’s finally time for you to splurge on a new one.
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Michley LSS-505 Lil’ Sew & Sew Review

Michley Lil Sew Sew LSS 505

The Michley LSS-505 Lil’ Sew & Sew sewing machine is a popular, lightweight model that serves a specific purpose. It’s distributed by Tivax, a company in California that produces a number of portable electronics like television sets and converter boxes in addition to the Michley line.

If you read the reviews on this one, they’re all over the board. I decided to jump in and figure out why that might be the case. It appears it’s all about expectations. This machine is great for a certain set of circumstances. If you buy it for one of those circumstances, you’ll be thrilled. If you buy it for some other purpose, you might be highly disappointed.

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