Brother LB6770PRW Project Runway Sewing MachineCompare the Brother SE350, SE 400, LB6770PRW Project Runway and the LB6800PRW Project Runway sewing machines and you’ll find the differences are few in number but meaningful in regards to price and future functionality.

In amongst that price gap you may find a great bargain on a new combination embroidery and sewing machine and save yourself a few dollars.

Normally, I would write a review on each individual machine and give you the complete run down.  However, these machines are so much alike – actually identical in nearly every aspect – that I’d simply be repeating myself because I just published a review on the SE 400 sewing machine.

You can read the entire list of features and see stitch images here:

SE 400 Review

Or keep reading to find out the exact differences between these four models.

Which one is best for you? It all comes down to how they’re different.

As far as features go, there are only 3 differences between the SE 350, SE 400, LB6770PRW and the LB6800PRW:

1. Computer Compatibility

The SE 400 and the LB6800 Project Runway machine have a USB port so that you can connect the machine to your computer to download more embroidery patterns vs relying on embroidery cards.  This allows you to download new designs right from the computer to your sewing machine.

2. Limited Edition Project Runway

Logo and decals only come on the LB6770PRW and the LB6800PRW.

3. Project Runway Rolling Tote Bag

Only the LB6770PRW and the LB6800PRW come with the cool tote bag which has plenty of room to house the sewing machine, all accessories and some amount of space left over for your current project.

Compare SE 400 and Project Runway Sewing Machines

An X means that machine does NOT come with that item.


All four machines have the same set of built-in stitches – utility stitches, stretch stitches, decorative, heirloom and quilting.  They also all have the same set of 70 embroidery patterns and framing options.  All come with a 4×4 embroidery frame, the same presser feet and the same accessories.

Price Difference

Sewing MachineProject Runway LabelProject Runway Rolling ToteComputer Compatible
SE 350NoNoNo
SE 400NoNoYes

This is where things get interesting:

  • Both the SE 400 and the LB6770PRW come with something more than the SE 350 (the SE 400 has the USB port while the LB6770PRW comes with the Project Runway tote) but they cost less.  This means either of them is a better deal than the SE 350 at the moment.
  • For $2 more than the cost of the SE 400, you could buy the LB6770 Project Runway sewing machine and get the rolling tote bag but you lose out on the USB port.  (You can still get more embroidery designs without the computer connection – you just have to buy additional embroidery cards instead.)

NOTE: Check current prices here:

SE 350

SE 400



If price is an issue and you wanted to take advantage of the lowest priced sewing machines, it would come down to choosing computer compatibility OR the Project Runway label and rolling tote bag.

Keep in mind, too, that to take full advantage of either of the two models that have the USB port requires the purchase of the Brother PED Basic Software which can run another $120-150.

The Brother SE 350, SE 400, LB6770PRW, and the LB6800PRW have all the same functionality and just a few differences that boil down to being able to connect the sewing machine to your computer.