In my last post I talked about the creative ways people are repurposing other furniture to be used as a sewing cabinet or table. Lots of pieces that are designed for something else – like crafting, drafting or writing – can be used to meet your needs.

Think computer desks, folding tables, and cocktail tables.

There are also lots of second hand pieces, too – real cabinets as well as furniture that would do just as well (or better) – that can be had for a bargain price.

The less you want to spend, the harder you might have to look but in just a few short minutes online, I found two perfect options in my area. One was a wood table that looked to be in good shape with a single, padded chair for $75. The second was a FREE used desk as long as I picked it up. Admittedly, that freebie would need a coat of paint but we’re talking a free table. Get a bit crafty, fix something up and you could get years of use out of it.
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Arrow Sewing Cabinet Bertha Sewing Machine Airlift with Sewing Kit OrganizerI started out researching how you get a cabinet that perfectly fits your machine and pretty quickly realized there was so much to cover when it comes to creating your work space that one post wasn’t going to cut it. So, this is part 2 in a series around this topic.

My mom has a great craft room with a large work table that has tons of drawers, shelves for her books, and bins for fabric.
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Pink Sewing Machine and Table VectorYou’ve purchased your first machine and it is unboxed and sitting all shiny and new on your kitchen table. You’ve practiced threading it, loaded a bobbin, and you’ve ripped up an old shirt so you could play with the different stitches. You might even have created your first buttonhole.

Come dinner time, though, your spouse or partner starts eying the table and murmurs of a growling tummy are heard across the room. Family members are suspiciously eying your goods wondering if they’ve permanently taken over the space or if you’ll have it moved in time to make room for their next meal.
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Sew Like the Project Runway Designers

Project RunwayDo you want to sew like the Project Runway designers? I’d never watched the show but my new sewing machine and I have been exploring different kinds of projects and although I have no aspirations of becoming a fashion designer I thought it might be cool to at least make my own clothes some day. Other than some training and practice, I wondered what tools I’d need to get the job done.

I’d written some reviews on Project Runway sewing machines like this one and although I was familiar with the show by name I had not actually watched an episode. I scanned through the guide on my TV, found it was coming on in a few days and scheduled it to record on my DVR.
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AccuQuilt Go Fabric Cutter

AccuQuilt Go Fabric CutterThe Accuquilt Go Fabric Cutter completely simplifies the process of preparing fabric for quilting. If you quilt, or want to, but don’t like the idea of hand cutting all of those fabric shapes, this tool is an ingenious solution. It’s like a die cut machine used by scrapbookers but it is made for quilters and handles fabric with ease.

This cutting tool takes material sandwiched between a die cut and a layer of plastic and squeezes it through a roller. The pressure applied as the fabric and die go through the roller cuts the material into the shapes carved into the die.

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