Hi, my name is Erin Rhodes and I love to build websites. That is my “sewing”. My mother, Hope, however, is an amazingly creative, self-taught artist in many crafts. She draws, knits, does needlepoint, and she has been sewing for years. I remember a set of halter tops she made for my sister and I when we were little girls. I haven’t thought of those in ages but as I sit here creating a website about sewing (and one she is helping me to fill with helpful information), that memory has suddenly come to mind.

Sewing machine and project

© Cláudia*~Assad

With all of her kids grown and on their own, she has finally been able to have a craft room of her own. It’s a room I love to visit because the sense of her individuality is stronger there than in any other room of the home. Her other work space is certainly the kitchen where her meals easily match those of my favorite restaurants but I’m sure that feels like work to her even if she enjoys it whereas I suspect her arts and crafts projects are where her mind roams most free.

In that room is a sewing machine, work tables, an ironing board, sketches, pieces of projects and half finished outfits. Balls of yarn, scraps of colored paper, and fabric remnants are stored in bins and nestled amongst piles of project ideas and notes. The sewing machine table doubles as a spot for her laptop so she can check her email or browse for how-to information, patterns, and pictures.

She has made the christening gowns for all of her grandchildren – fluffy, white concoctions of bows and lace and delicate work. Her art is a stamp on the family we know time will never erase and her projects are the heirlooms of our future.

Sewing machine organizer

© Morshmelo

I wish I had her skill but my talents lie in other areas. What I can do, however, is share her information with those who want to start sewing and one area she said she struggled with early on was in finding any sort of guide to help her choose the right sewing machines for beginners. This site will share the information she has gained over the years and her tips for choosing the best machine for your own projects.

We hope you find the information helpful in selecting your own new, sewing machine and that you go on to create your own family heirlooms.


Erin and Hope