Good Better BestI thought it might be time to tackle an often asked question – is one brand of sewing machine better than another? The answer is yes…and no…but it’s the explanation as to why I give such a wishy washy answer that will help you decide which is is really best for you.

This topic is heavily debated amongst even the most experienced so for those just beginning to sew it’s almost a minefield of confusion. I hope things will seem a little clearer as you make your way through this post.
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No More Kenmore Sewing Machines

This is not really new news unless you haven’t heard it before but did you know Sears stopped selling Kenmore sewing machines? From what I can tell this happened as early as January of 2012 but I JUST came across that little tidbit while gearing up for more 2013 reviews to put on this site.

Not quite sure how to break this to my mother as she’s been using an old Kenmore for ages and periodically needs parts and replacement accessories. It does look like Sears is still selling some of the Kenmore accessories – just not the machines – but who knows how long that will continue.
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How to Test Drive a Machine Online

Sewing Machine DemoOne day, you’re sewing along just fine on the old hand me down machine you received years ago from a family member. Suddenly, in the middle of your project, the machine dies. Kaput. You sigh, maybe throw out a few choice words, and – after a bowl of caramel pecan ice cream (maybe that’s just me) – decide it’s finally time for you to splurge on a new one.
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Janome DC4030 Sewing Machine Stitches

Janome DC4030 StitchesWhile comparing the Janome DC4030 sewing machine stitches to those of the Janome DC2012, I found the graphic showing the number and type for the DC4030 and thought it might be handy to have for future reference. Questions about stitches on a machine come up fairly often.

The DC4030 has a total of 24 built in stitches. Six of them are buttonholes, eight are satin stitches, 1 mending stitch, and 9 utility stitches. Because of the number of buttonhole stitches, this machine would be well suited towards those who really need a good machine for making clothes.

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Brother XL 2600i Sewing MachineWow! The end of the year is racing towards us and I’ve hardly had time to answer the comments and questions from the influx of visitors I’ve had to the site. I’m trying to carve out some time in the next few days to get to everyone but until then, I’ve put together this quick list of the most popular sewing machines for Christmas 2011.

This is certainly not very scientific but is based on the activity seen on the posts and sewing machine reviews on this site. Daily traffic is pretty heavy so the rankings are at least a decent, representative sample. In order based on this month’s activity, these are the top 10 sewing machines for holiday shoppers:
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Brother CP7500 CP6500 CS6000iHere’s a popular question these days: How do the Brother CP7500, CP6500 and the CS6000i sewing machines compare to each other? The features seem so close that it’s hard to tell if one is better than another.

The good news is that you almost can’t go wrong here. All three have great ratings and offer excellent value for the price (ALL three are under $200!) but one gives you just a bit more for your money. (Surprise ending up ahead: the better bargain is probably NOT the one you thought it was!)
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Brother LB6800PRW Rebate DealJust in time for Mother’s Day, Brother is offering a rebate on the LB6800PRW embroidery and sewing machine for purchases made at authorized retailers between April 15, 2011, and May 15, 2011.

While you can actually get the 6800 in a couple of different packages, each distinguished by the letters following the 6800 in the model number, the rebate is only good for the PRW (Project Runway) version.

This combination embroidery and sewing machine is identical to the very popular SE400 embroidery machine.
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shopping cartBuy a sewing machine online and have it delivered within 24 hours?  Done!  Such convenience!  But would you?  Should you?

Under the right conditions I absolutely, without a doubt, would (and have!) but not everyone feels the same. 

Some of you will say “no way”, “nada”, “never”, and “not on your life”.  But, for certain people, buying online is a way of life.  Those with hectic schedules, or who live in locations inconveniently far from major shopping, or who get a thrill from leveraging online deals to save money go to the internet first.
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Sewing Machine Finder

Sewing Machine Finder ToolIt’s not thread, it’s not fabric, it doesn’t even come in a box but our new sewing machine finder tool brings its own kind of fun.

Shopping for sewing machines is fun but it’s also a lot of work. The question I get the most often has to do with comparing different models to better understand the variances. This was what drove my mother crazy when she tried to find a great machine for my nieces.

It’s been a couple of months in the works but Sewing Machines for Beginners officially launches a new tool on our site that we hope will make some of that comparison process a bit easier.
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Brother CS6000i User Feedback Chart

Brother CS6000i ReviewsHow’s this for easy? Over 500, independent Brother CS6000i reviews boiled down into one, easy-to-read graph. Get all the facts about strengths, complaints, and repeating issues from others who have used the machine without spending hours and hours reading each, individual page yourself.

The source for this information is the 517 reviews on Amazon – all 52 pages of them. It took days to read and categorize the information. It felt like there should be an easier way to present the most important information for anyone who wants to compare this machine to the other possibles on their list.

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