You May Have Noticed a Few Changes you’re a repeat visitor you may have noticed this site has gone through some changes recently. I changed the site to a new address – something I’ve wanted to do for a long time now. The old address was cumbersome and rather blah. I wanted something that would be easier to remember. Hence the new name “Erin Says Sew”. (I thought it was kind of a fun play on words…)

While I was at it I revised the site’s look with a new header image. When I first created the site (back in April 2010), there was a lot more black in the overall scheme and I remember my Read the rest of this entry

We Get A Facebook Fan Page

Facebook social vectorFor me, a website grows like a child. It starts out as a tiny thing with wiggly arms and chubby, little legs. Slowly, it learns to crawl and walk and eventually it’s a teenager popping earphones in their ears and only pretending to listen to you. (Guess who has two teenagers and an 8 year old who thinks he’s a teen?)

Of course, if this site were really a child, we’d all be in trouble because there are times where I’ve not been able to focus on it as I’d like. However, it’s never far from my mind and I check in every day.

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Just a Little Cozy

Tea Cozy 1A tea cozy, that is. I’ve had these pictures for months now. These are pictures of a little tea cozy that my mother made. She sent them to me with a note about how easy they were to make but then she didn’t send the instructions so I’m going to have to get on her for those!

My mother is the reason this site exists at all. She knew I was looking for a new online project when she happened to mention how frustrated she was when shopping for a new sewing machine for her grandaughters – my nieces.
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