AccuQuilt Go Fabric CutterThe Accuquilt Go Fabric Cutter completely simplifies the process of preparing fabric for quilting. If you quilt, or want to, but don’t like the idea of hand cutting all of those fabric shapes, this tool is an ingenious solution. It’s like a die cut machine used by scrapbookers but it is made for quilters and handles fabric with ease.

This cutting tool takes material sandwiched between a die cut and a layer of plastic and squeezes it through a roller. The pressure applied as the fabric and die go through the roller cuts the material into the shapes carved into the die.

Quilts aren’t just made from fabric squares, they can be made from strips of fabrics, triangles, and other geometric shapes. They can also be made of squares adorned with smaller fabric shapes such as curls, circles, swirls, and stars. Cutting out all those shapes by hand gets tiresome and quilters will often buy pre-cut shapes to speed up quilt making.

But, with this, you can turn any fabric you want into any shape for which there is a die template. These die templates are purchased separately.

I hadn’t heard of this until yesterday when I was shopping for a beginner sewing machine but the saleswoman helping me was trying to give me an idea of all of the things I could do with the sewing machine I had in mind – especially how quickly I’d be able to quilt. That led to a discussion about the Accuquilt Go. She said she had purchased one for herself and her mother and they get a ton of use out of them.

The only work you have to do is cut the fabric to fit inside the template and turn the hand crank to process the fabric through the roller. It doesn’t take much pressure and the saleswoman said she generally puts through four layers of material at once. She demonstrated exactly that and all of the cut fabric came out perfectly shaped and even in just a matter of seconds.

Here’s a video that shows how the cutter works:

The templates even have a seam allowance built in so you don’t have to worry about having enough of an edge to work with when attaching the shapes to your quilt.

The manufacturer started out making industrial sized fabric cutters which can handle as many as 10 layers of fabric at one time. The benefits made it obvious that a home version would be highly popular and so the Accuquilt Go portable home version was produced. There are many more die shapes available now than there was when this product first hit the market and the reviews on Amazon are all positive.

Here are a few of the Die Templates in geometric shapes and flowers:

Go Die TumblerGo Die SquareGo Die Isosceles Triangle

Go Die HexagonsGo Die ArabesqueGo Die Flowers

This seems the ideal gift for a quilter for Christmas or birthdays. It’s lightweight and folds up for storage or transportation so you can easily take it to any crafting classes or clubs.

I know it’s not exactly a sewing machine review, which is generally what you’d find on this site, but it’s amazing how many sewing machine accessories are out there to make sewing easier for all of us beginners out there and I know some of you are looking for a sewing machine specifically because you want to start quilting. After seeing this machine in action, I had to pass it along. I’m keeping this one on file for my Christmas list, too.