Same price, same brand, similar functionality but which is better – the Janome Decor DC2010 or the ThreadBanger TB30?  It comes down to a few, key differences.

What does the DC2010 have that the ThreadBanger TB30 does not?

  1. More built-in stitches.
  2. More decorative and heirloom stitches.
  3. Zipper foot (although this can be purchased separately).
  4. Twin needle capability.

What does the ThreadBanger TB30 have that the DC2010 does not?

  1. Adjustable presser foot pressure.
  2. Elongation button to increase the size of satin stitches by up to five times their original size.
  3. Start/Stop button for sewing without the foot pedal.
  4. More automatic buttonhole styles.
  5. Overcast foot (although this can be purchased separately).
  6. Soft cover.

What do these sewing machine differences mean to you?

The Janome Decor DC2010 (which I wrote about here) has more decorative functionality suitable for quilting and crafting like elaborate, decorative stitches (hearts, bows) and can handle twin needle sewing when you want to use twin lines of thread in your patterns but without the adjustable presser foot pressure it may not handle sheer fabrics quite as smoothly as the ThreadBanger TB30.

While the Threadbanger TB30 (read about it here) might not have quite the same assortment of decorative stitches, it has more buttonhole styles, can be used without the foot pedal (thanks to the Start/Stop button), and the adjustable presser foot pressure gives it ultimate control over more fabric thicknesses.

So, which type of sewing are you going to do more often?  Quilting and home décor projects or clothing and garment construction where sheer fabrics are likely to come into play?  The answers to those questions may help you choose between the two.

Update September 1, 2012 – The Threadbanger TB30 has been replaced with the DC4030.