Brother LB6800PRW Rebate DealJust in time for Mother’s Day, Brother is offering a rebate on the LB6800PRW embroidery and sewing machine for purchases made at authorized retailers between April 15, 2011, and May 15, 2011.

While you can actually get the 6800 in a couple of different packages, each distinguished by the letters following the 6800 in the model number, the rebate is only good for the PRW (Project Runway) version.

This combination embroidery and sewing machine is identical to the very popular SE400 embroidery machine.


It comes with lots of stitches, a USB cord for downloading new designs, built in automation to make sewing and embroidery easier, and produces great stitch quality.

The only differences between the LB6800PRW and the SE400 are the inclusion of a rolling tote bag and the Project Runway label on the front of the machine.  The rebate may not close the gap on the price difference between the two models but for PRW fans who really want the tote bag and the label, you won’t want to pass up the rebate offer!