This is my annually updated list of Cyber Monday sewing machine deals for 2015. Rather than having to hop from site to site, I scout out all the options on multiple sites throughout the day and keep them organized by store to make your shopping easier.

This year’s deals are not too shabby! There are a number of places online giving great discounts on popular models so it’s not too late to save your hard-earned money and still get the perfect gift.

Last updated 11/30/2015, 9:27pm EST: I’ve put together the list of specials at a number of retailers that I think are worth checking into today. This page gets updated throughout the day on Cyber Monday and the rest of the week to help you get right to any true deals before they run out.


Every year for the past five, Amazon has offered the greatest number of true value buys on Cyber Monday.

I stay on top of before and after prices to make sure there’s a real discount being offered.

Following is the list of great offers for this year on machines that I’d recommend. I’ll keep the list going throughout the day and add anything new so check back every couple of hours if you haven’t yet found the perfect machine on sale:

NOTE: Some of these are timed offers. This means the offer is limited and may start at a specific time. If that is the case you may need to follow the link and scroll to find the specific machine in order to get the special pricing.


First, check Walmart’s deals page here (but be careful – as of today that page included some reduced price items AND machines that were best sellers but did NOT have a reduced price – you’ll see that the listing shows no reduction in price so these are easy to spot): Walmart’s Cyber Monday Deals Hub

So far, they’re not showing any machines on the list but I’m sure there will be some on Monday.


You can keep an eye on their page here: Official Cyber Monday Sales Page – Sales Begin Sunday @ 6 PM MST

1 Janome Hello Kitty 11706 Sewing Machine:
See the Deal

You simply can’t go wrong trusting in the Janome brand and this Hello Kitty sewing machine works well for all ages even though it looks too cute to be functional. It’s a 3/4 machine, meaning it’s smaller than standard models which makes it easy to carry around.

It’s sturdy, reliable and comes with 10 stitches plus a buttonhole stitch.

The sale price is the same as Amazon’s regular price but Amazon is temporarily out of stock today.


Hancock already has some of their Cyber Monday offers in place and you can view them here: Biggest Cyber Monday Sale of the year starts now at Offer is valid through November 30th.

1 Brother HE1 Embroidery Machine:
See the Deal

This machine does not sew – it’s an embroidery-only machine but is easy to use, performs well, and has a lot of features. However, it’s very similar to the Brother SE400 combination sewing and embroidery machine which you might find for a better or equal price elsewhere on Monday.

2 Janome Sew Mini 124 Sewing Machine:
See the Deal

Janome does the best job of making small machines that work for children as well as they do for adults. They’re not cheaply made – which means they’re sometimes expensive – but Hancock’s deal on the Sew Mini is a great value and nearly 50% off.

The machine is very light and small and has only two stitches (straight and zigzag) but that makes it ideal for quick mending jobs, small hands who want to get started with beginner projects (kids 8+), or as a back up machine for short tasks.

3 Brother LS590 Sewing Machine:
See the Deal

This is a great sewing machine with strong ratings that works for beginners or as a nice, portable machine. It’s full sized – although not enormous – and offers 25 stitches including a buttonhole stitch.

It is identical to the very popular Brother XL2600i and, for that reason, you’ll want to compare any deal to the normal price (or any deal price) for the XL2600i.


You can find their Cyber Monday specials here: Joann Fabrics Cyber Monday Specials. Last year they didn’t really have anything special to offer in this department but that’s very different this year. You’ll find 40% off of all Singer brand machines.

NOTE: Comparison shop against Amazon for each machine as you’ll almost always find their regular price beats Joann’s sale price.


There wasn’t much to look at last year but this year Allbrands is running a special that carried through Black Friday and ends at midnight on Cyber Monday. There are several sewing machines on their list but I’d always compare pricing for any machine to what you see on Amazon as you may find a better deal.

You can check here for their specials: Sewing Machines.

I’ll update this page as I come across other special offers. Funny how Cyber Monday has stretched to become Cyber Week – let’s hope the discounts are worthy of the slogan!