Singer 7258 Sewing Machine Singer 7258 Sewing MachineIf you’ve never used a sewing machine before, it can seem quite confusing. Taken step by step everything will gradually fall into place, and what at first seemed frightening can suddenly become quite simple. Starter sewing machines for beginners however, are best kept simple so that all aspects of the machine are fully understood before any project is undertaken.

Sewing machines have come a long way since their inception, and some of the technology incorporated in many machines today can be overwhelming. A conventional type of machine which is used mainly for stitching and repairing is a perfectly adequate machine for a beginner.

It’s important to consider from the start however, what the machine will eventually be required to do. Initially you’ll just learn how to use it, but what is your ultimate goal?

This is an essential consideration because if you intend to progress to producing complicated work such as quilting, then the machine you purchase should be capable of performing this task. Even if a machine doesn’t have the advanced features incorporated within it, it should be ascertained that accessories can be applied at a later date.

There are of course certain basics you’ll need whatever sewing machine you decide to use, i.e., effective straight stitching, function for buttonholes, adjustable pressure foot, zigzag feature and stitch lengths up to 6.

The more accessories that are available for the machine of your choice, then as your confidence and ability grows you’ll be able to add the necessary parts.

Learning about the different parts of the machine will help you to understand how it works. Bobbins for instance are the round spools that hold the bottom thread in the machine. They should be easy to remove as often the bobbin is the culprit when jamming occurs. For beginners a good bobbin design is very important. Look at consumer reviews to get some idea of the best machines from this point of view.

If you want to carry out lots of mending or sewing of sleeves or trousers, then a machine that offers free-arm sewing is a good idea. This machine will enable you to remove the support under the needle work to allow space for a small surface over which tubes of fabric can be placed under the needle.

As a beginner you should take your time and learn to enjoy your machine. You won’t be an expert over night, but you will learn from every mistake you make, and enjoy conquering the simplest tasks. Keep all your material and accessories tidy so that you don’t spend hours looking for things.

Learning a new craft should be fun so make absolutely certain from the start that the machine you buy will meet all your needs. Once you get under way you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.

Starter sewing machines for beginners all come with a manual, which you should read and understand before beginning. Most of the stores that sell the machines have people who can help you with any queries. So get going today, and have fun.